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I have wanted to return to this place since I saw it for the first time…over 25 years ago!! The history of this place dates back to 708! That is not a typo either. There was a sanctuary built on Mont-Tombe nearby and soon it became a focus of pilgrimage. The Benedictines settled in the abbey and then a village grew up around it.

It is quite an astonishing sight to see! It is still amazing to me how some of these places were built so long ago.  They truly are works of art.

And YES, I did walk all the way to the top!!! = )

Another view heading to the top

View from top. When the tide is in, Mont-Saint-Michel is surrounded by the ocean.

Basilique du Sacre-Coeur

Sunny day at Sacre-Coeur




The view from the butte where the Sacre-Coeur is located offers an amazing view of Paris! On a clear day, you can see 30 miles in the distance. It is quite the site! On a rainy day you can barely see past the hill where it sits. I have experienced both occasions. In reading about the Sacre-Coeur, I discovered that it has been the subject of much controversy here in Paris. Some people believe it is a beautiful, sacred church while others have called it “a lunatic’s confectionary dream.” Here are the pics. You decide?!



Cloudy, rainy day at Sacre-Coeur



View of Paris from the steps at Sacre-Coeur

View of Paris from Sacre-Coeur

More pics inside the Centre Pompidou

Art in the Centre Pompidou


Additional pics…took lots of pics here!

Ok, I have to admit...I was feeling a bit like Alice in Wonderland with this one! = )

In the National Museum of Modern Art


Inside views – Centre Pompidou

Sculptures in the Modern Art Museum (rooftop)

Pics from the Musee National d’Art Moderne (National Museum of Modern Art) in the Centre Pompidou. Some interesting stuff in there…

Painting by Picasso -hmmm...interpretations welcome : )







Escalator in the Centre Pompidou

Outside views – Centre Pompidou

One view of the Centre Pompidou

I remember visiting this place 28 years ago on my first trip to France. I seriously can’t believe it has been that long ago since I was here for the first time!!!! Where does the time go??? By admitting that I was here that long ago…I guess that means I can no longer lie about my age either…sigh! ; )

It is currently raining (actually pouring) outside as I look out my window, so I guess that gives me a while to post some pics and get some work done.

So this is what I know about the Centre Pompidou…it reopened in 2000 after much restoration. In the 70s it was considered “the most avant-garde building in the world,” and was the dream of former president Georges Pompidou. It has unique exoskeletal architecture. You will see the brightly painted pipes and ducts on the outside of the building – green for water, red for heat, blue for air, and yellow for electricity. It houses five attractions: National Museum of Modern Art, Public Information Library, Center for Industrial Design, Institute for Research & Coordination of Acoustics/Music and the museum’s forecourt which is basically a free entertainment center. You will see musicians, mimes, dancers, etc., here all day long! It is a very interesting place to visit but remember…it is modern art!

Opposite side of the Centre Pompidou

Another view of the Centre Pompidou

Interesting sights in Paris

Rue du Chat-qui-Peche - narrowest & shortest street in the world

There were some interesting places on this outing that I have to share. Some are not necessarily known to people, others are well known. The first place is Rue du Chat-qui-Peche. This is said to be the narrowest (only 6ft wide) and shortest street in the world. There are no doors and only a few windows on this street. The second interesting find was the narrowest house in Paris. It is located in the Latin Quarter, 22 Rue St-Severin. The third thing that I will mention is Shakespeare and Company. This is the most famous bookstore on the Left Bank. It is located on rue de l’Odeon. Frequent patrons included Hemingway, Stein, Fitzgerald and Anais Nin. I will include other interesting places I visited in the next post…stay tuned!

Shakespeare and Company - famous bookstore

Narrowest house in Paris- it is the little place between the two buildings. It was many stories high but so narrow!

Orchids for Ashley

A store full of Orchids...very expensive Orchids!!

Ashley! These pics are for you! I took them through the window so they are not great. It was an entire flower store with ONLY Orchids. You would have loved it! = )


Plant & flower market nearby the Orchid store


More Orchids

Quai Aux Fleurs

Flower market near Notre-Dame

I have certainly been thinking of my mom with all the great flowers markets around here. Mom, you would have taken thousands of pictures of flowers alone! = ) The flowers are stunning! The pictures that I took really do not do them justice. Here are a few…

Flowers at market

At flower market near Notre-Dame


Ok…food again!

Lunch- Risotto & Prawns--soooo good!

Dessert - Berries & Meringue

I have to put in some more food pictures. The food and desserts have just been so delicious that I have to include them frequently. I know people in the restaurants think I am strange taking pictures of my food but…as you see, it doesn’t deter me! = )

Pizza with arugula, sun-dried tomato...


Shopping around Paris

Galeries Lafayette- shopping for everything here!

I went to this place called Galeries Lafayette, which is this awesome shopping mall that is located fairly close to my apartment. It is unbelievable inside and I have the pictures to prove it. Take a look…

Rooftop view from Galeries Lafayette

Stained glass ceiling Galeries Lafayette




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