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I got to my new apartment today after a bit of turmoil. I won’t bother with the details but suffice it to say that you always need to have plenty of CASH on hand…especially when you are traveling in another country!! I have learned some real lessons during my time here..ugh! Ok, back to the new apartment. My current apartment is on the 7th floor. There is an elevator (of sorts) that goes to the 6th floor. You would think that would be a good thing but after seeing the elevator…NO WAY. Trust me, I will climb the 7 flights of stairs all the time! The elevator is the TINIEST elevator I have ever seen in my life. The one in my other apartment was very, very small but compared to this it looked big. Once again, I completely over-packed so I HAD to take the elevator to get my stuff up there. I¬†needed to make two trips because my luggage would not fit in elevator. I had no choice but to leave my suitcase downstairs (hoping it would still be there upon my return) while I brought my other bags up. I go back down to get my suitcase. I swear to you, the elevator is so small that I can’t get in the elevator with my suitcase. I couldn’t just send it up either because the elevator will not go anywhere unless you are in it with the door shut and then push the button. Plus there was no way I could carry my suitcase up the stairs because guess who packed a 70 lb. suitcase?! What was I thinking???? So guess what I did? I put my suitcase in the elevator and then had to crawl up on top of it to get the door to shut! Yes…I hope you all are visualizing this and rolling on the floor laughing because I deserve it! Oh and to top it off the elevator is the slowest elevator ever and I am a bit claustrophobic too. So, I get to the 6th floor finally and then have to drag and I mean drag my suitcase up one more flight of circular stairs. I ended up smashing my toe with my 70 lb. suitcase before it was over. Oh yes, I also¬†forgot to tell you that my suitcase only has three wheels instead of four thanks to Delta on the flight over! So how was that for a description of getting to my apartment? But alas, I am here and happy that I could interject some comedy into your life today! : )

7 floors of stairs to my apartment


Another view- opposite side

6 Responses to “The latest apartment”

  • Ashley says:

    Wish I could have a pic of you sitting on your suitcase in the elevator lol! You should post a pic of the elevator.

    • kimberly says:

      I will take a pic and post one. It would have been soooo funny to have had a pic in the elevator!! = )

  • Tonette says:

    That is way too funny!! I did laugh at loud and Mark says what are you looking at that is so funny, I just replied Kims Life and then told him the story!!!! Thanks for the great description of your move!!!! I am glad you are living out your dream too!!! Love ya lots!!!

  • Christine says:

    Hmmm, so that’s what you meant by the move was interesting when I asked this morning. :)

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