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Outside views – Centre Pompidou

One view of the Centre Pompidou

I remember visiting this place 28 years ago on my first trip to France. I seriously can’t believe it has been that long ago since I was here for the first time!!!! Where does the time go??? By admitting that I was here that long ago…I guess that means I can no longer lie about my age either…sigh! ; )

It is currently raining (actually pouring) outside as I look out my window, so I guess that gives me a while to post some pics and get some work done.

So this is what I know about the Centre Pompidou…it reopened in 2000 after much restoration. In the 70s it was considered “the most avant-garde building in the world,” and was the dream of former president Georges Pompidou. It has unique exoskeletal architecture. You will see the brightly painted pipes and ducts on the outside of the building – green for water, red for heat, blue for air, and yellow for electricity. It houses five attractions: National Museum of Modern Art, Public Information Library, Center for Industrial Design, Institute for Research & Coordination of Acoustics/Music and the museum’s forecourt which is basically a free entertainment center. You will see musicians, mimes, dancers, etc., here all day long! It is a very interesting place to visit but remember…it is modern art!

Opposite side of the Centre Pompidou

Another view of the Centre Pompidou

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