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Side view of Notre-Dame

After a great breakfast at Angelina restaurant, we eventually made our way to Notre- Dame. We bought passes that were supposed to eliminate all the waiting in line
but we still waited over an hour today to get into the building. So we waited in line for 70 minutes and then we got to climb 400 stairs up to see the great view and….yep….400 stairs back down!!! All I can say is that it is a good thing that I have been climbing up and down four flights of stairs everyday for 3 weeks now! The views were well worth it. Notre-Dame was a project that started in 1163 and took almost 200 years to complete! Wow!!

Front view- Notre-Dame

View of the Tour Eiffel from Notre-Dame with gargoyle


Angelina on Rue de Rivoli in Paris

The BEST hot chocolate ever at Angelina restaurant....the fresh grapefruit juice was awesome too!


Today we decided to go see Notre Dame. It was actually a sunny beautiful day for much of the day! Hooray for that!! We started the day by going to this place for breakfast that is fairly close to the apartment called Angelina. It is known worldwide for a couple of menu items, one of them being the hot chocolate. It truly was the BEST hot chocolate that I have ever had in my life! They have amazing pastries and it is located in a beautiful historic building. The restaurant has been around since 1903.

Angelina restaurant on Rue Rivoli in Paris

Breakfast! = )

Distractions & umbrellas

I set out today to head to the Centre Georges-Pompidou and Notre Dame. I did not make it to either one because I found other interesting sights along the way. I will head to both of them tomorrow after I do my work. YES, I do have work to do while I am here.

I saw some beautiful and interesting buildings and meandered along for quite a number of hours. The downside is that I forgot my umbrella and it was pouring for a while. I have taken my umbrella everyday except today and guess what??? I really could have used it today…oh well! It was rather fun walking in the rain in Paris! = )

So I am now watching the British Music Awards with French subtitles on TV…love it! Speaking of music…I am really enjoying the French music channels on my TV. I listen to them every morning and night. There is some fun music and I have been downloading it to my iphone when I can figure out the artist.


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