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Amazing treats!

More food pics to tantalize you…

Oh la la...the cakes!!

La Boulangerie


Food!!!! Yum!!!!

The displays of food in Paris are so very beautiful! You truly want to stop in every market and stare at every window!! I have attached some mouthwatering pics for you to enjoy!

My oh my!!

Window shopping : ) Hmmmm...which one?

Even more pics…


Some fun…





Additional pics at Vincennes Castle

More pics!

Sainte-Chapelle interior view

The Sainte-Chapelle & the Queen's Queen!!! Her own house!! : )




Another great day!

Village Tower

We left the apartment around 1:30pm today and headed to the Metro to go to the outskirts of Paris. We went to visit the Vincennes Castle which was very interesting and unique. From there we caught the Metro back to the Champs Elysees and walked around the Arc de Triomphe for a bit. We then stopped for some afternoon sustenance : ) We continued our walk to a different part of the city to look for a specific┬árestaurant but when we found the address it was closed. So…we found a different place which was very interesting and had terrific food. It was cloudy again today but at least it was not raining and the temperature was great!


The Keep at Vincennes Castle

Lots of pics…

Sunset in Paris - beautiful!

So many pics to post : )

La Seine...ahhh

Additional pics…

Fontaine des Innocents - erected in 1549!!!

More amazing pics from sights in Paris!

Tour St-Jacques

Try again….

Fruit & vegetable market

So…I am trying to post again today on the blog. I spent over an hour adding pics and messages to the blog last night and then somehow :/ lost all of it…ugh!!!!

I had a terrific day with my friend,Christine. She is here for a bit. We left the apartment yesterday at 1:15pm and returned at 9:45pm! We walked all over Paris and it was great! We stopped for maybe a total of an hour in that time to have coffee, wine and food. We were on the go! I have so many pictures that I am not sure what I will do with all of them. We were all over the place and it seems that every street you turn down leads you to some other interesting area. I think you could be here for months and not feel like you have seen everything you want to see. I am quite sure it would involve moving here to see and experience everything that I want to….hmmmm!! = )

Here are some pictures from yesterday. Enjoy!

Church- St-Eustache

More pics

Opera -view three

I have to add a few more pictures for people to enjoy!


Madeleine Church


So much to see…

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